Req to GOW devs: vanilla version?

Hey GOW devs, I used to play this game so much back on PS3, then later sold my PS around the time the dragon spirit mythical I believe the card was was introduced… and been a non-gamer for ages. Eventually played it on PC a bit again but many of the updates/changes were very much against my enjoyment; removing the classical challenges for one but also so many cards were everything-in-one, deckbuilding… the funfactor for me… became void… and all that mattered was just getting -the next big card released-. but there were other changes that made it impossible for me to play; the new effects of flashing animated everything on screen gave me epileptic seizures I only ever had before while playing diablo 3… making it a health risk to play GOW.

Although I can understand the commercial aspect to add new features. a lot of other franchises have started to give players the option to play the bareboned vanilla versions of their games, a good example being world of warcraft.

It would be a great thing if players could play the old classical GOW again, from the first era’, -as an option- while simultaneously keeping this developing GOW alive ofcourse.

What say you, devs? It would be an awesome gift to the playerbase, I am sure many would enjoy.

Kind regards.
-Wskill. (not returning to this version)

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Personally, my favorite was the Dreamcast version.