[Reported] Wrong Weekly Kingdom / missing Sword's Edge weapons in Soulforge! (Switch)

With the Dec.25th weekly reset, our current (Campaign) week should be Sword’s Edge:

  • Campaign Artifact (Window of Souls): Week 9, Sword’s Edge
  • Weekly Event Troop: Relic Knight (Sword’s Edge)
  • Weekly Event buff: +10% to Knights (…and Undead)
  • Tuesday Faction Assault: Crypt Keepers
  • Wednesday Pet Rescue: Toy Soldier
Screenshots: Sword's Edge

However, everything else in this week’s configuration is actually pointing to Adana:

Available Soulforge weapons (Adana)
  • Fire Sword
  • Doomed Opus
  • Mecha Axe
  • Drill Shooter
  • Pistol of Adana
  • The Engineer’s Drill
  • Lightning Rod
  • Shock Hammer
  • Sparkhammer
  • Gearslinger
  • Underspire / Epic Trials: occurring in Adana (not Sword’s Edge)
  • Event Chests: Adana Troops (except Relic Knight)
    (aside: I was unable to verify Relic Knight actually dropping from Event Chests)
  • Guild World Event (“Relic Hunter”) uses Adana background
Screenshots: Adana

What is going on here? This did not happen on PC previously.

I’ve been planning to craft the Blade of Nefertani during the next Sword’s Edge week (as other components of Dawnbringer/Duskbringer have done previously). Yet here we are and … … where is Sword’s Edge?

Please correct this while the calendar still reads 2023! Losing the opportunity to craft Weapons for a specific kingdom is incompensable.


doubt.gif :confused:


Well, it’s certainly no Krinklegate like we had last Christmas…

Still, my frustration is immeasurable and my crafting week is ruined.

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Interestingly enough, your screenshot shows Relic Knight, who belongs to Sword’s Edge, as part of the event chest loot. Whatever got messed up there, it’s a really big mess. Switch platform, so I guess the best you can hope for is some official apologizing by saying it’s nothing to be sad about, there’ll eventually be another Sword’s Edge week within the next two years.


Ha, 2 years? Uh, sure, I can wait till then.:rofl:

Missing the blade of nerfertani and the starry scrappy pet hurts though. I highly doubt we’ll get those or anything remotely close for compensation for this screw up.

There’s a whole heap of things that need to be fixed after they get back from the holidays, and they’ll probably forget about us…again.

This, this very much. I was hoping – no, PLANNING to craft it this week so I could finish all the prerequisites for crafting Duskbringer (…eventually, because 1M souls is still a lot to farm).

The standard 50-Gem compensation letter isn’t unwarranted, of course, but it is not an opportunity to craft Sword’s Edge weapons. The only way to make up for that would be to add those weapons to next week’s Soulforge crafting list. Maybe do it for the weekend (so as not to completely miss out on the scheduled Glacial Peaks crafting week) ?

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Yes, you’d expect that would be the very least they could do. However, this not only requires manual effort, it requires any effort at all to be spent on the Switch platform. So I’m afraid you’ll find out there’s actually even less than the very least that can and will be done.

I’m obviously setting myself up to be proven wrong here, which would be a pleasant surprise. However, they don’t even bother to set up the paid campaign passes correctly on Switch, it always needs players to point out very clearly misconfigured components. I guess they’ll eventually announce that Gems of War will be entirely shut down on Switch, because it runs on an older code branch that is not profitable enough to maintain properly.

Well, I was unable to verify Relic Knight dropping from event chests, but my sample size is also fairly small (~25 event keys) and I have received a reasonable number of (other) Ultrarare troops.

Alternatively, a minimal appropriate/timely compensation for the lost crafting opportunity could be to make just the Blade of Nefertani craftable next week, as it’s the only Sword’s Edge Weapon that is a prerequisite to anything beyond just Kingdom Power.

I know u guys have a lot to deal with right now, but could we get a quick response for why Nintendo Switch had the wrong kingdom last week?

The glory shop troop, runic knight was from sword’s edge and the campaign quest line was for that kingdom as well, but the event keys, soulforge, Underspire, and epic trials were associated to Adana.

The biggest things we missed out on were swords edge weapons in the soulforge and the starry scrappy pet. Maybe a copy of the starry scrappy pet would be a start for compensation?

@Kafka @Bramble or anyone else that could let us know would be greatly appreciated.:+1:

Any news on this? Or maybe not…

It’s an issue on Switch. The game is basically dead on that platform, which unfortunately includes most of bug report processing.

Can we get a respons to this bug report from the support team? @Kafka ?

It´s been 14 days since Stratelier first posted about this issue.

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Hey all, sorry for how long it’s taken me to get back to you on this.

I’ve spoken to the team and we’re going to run another Sword’s Edge Kingdom event week soon so that you don’t have to wait the usual length of time for Sword’s Edge to come back around.

That way you can have access to all the things that were missing from the Sword’s Edge week including the Weapons in the Soulforge and the Starry Pet from the Epic Trial.

I don’t have a date yet for that week as the team are going to go and shuffle the schedule to see where they can fit it and run QA on it to make sure it all works first.


Thank you so much Kafka!

I know u guys have a lot of things going on right now. Just remember to check up on your sons and daughters on Nintendo Switch every now and then.:+1:

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That would be good news! Otherwise, Sword’s Edge is nowhere to be seen within the next ~9 months (based on of current PC announcements) – which is not un-expected given nearly 40 Kingdoms to rotate through, but still.


I believe you’ll find out that there isn’t any Sword’s Edge week in the schedule you could shuffle around. The misconfigured one was the very last one released so far. There’s one pending on the other platforms, it doesn’t look like you could just rip that out though. It’s tied into the campaign lore, and the weekly glory troop is based on Lightning Gems, which are still almost a year in the future for Switch.

This really would have had to be addressed three weeks ago, when it got reported, to not turn into an absolute mess. I suspect the most that can be salvaged here is to put Sword’s Edge weapons and all Sword’s Edge mythic/legendary troops up for crafting in the forge for a week. Under the assumption that someone is even willing to spend that manual effort, it’s for the Switch platform after all.


If they want to make up for the entire week, they potentially COULD push the Switch schedule back one week to create space for the missing week (maybe another Tower of Doom, weeklong Raid Boss or something not tied to the usual Guild events or Campaign lore). Otherwise, yes, there simply is no room in the current content schedule (with 90% of it being dictated by Campaign lore) until whenever the kingdom rolls around again, which we KNOW (by PC content schedule) is nowhere within the next 10 months (and likely not in 2024 whatsoever).

PS - I’m still assembling a timeline, but so far it looks like we went 54 weeks between the botched Sword’s Edge week and its previous occurrence (Gobmother’s Orb campaign, Week 10).

It’s not hard to put another weekly event without being lore related, just put a shiny repeat troop from that kingdom on glory shop and a random Event, like we had on other platforms for Bright Forest on Christmas.

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I think we get Adana as part of the Aravatar’s Skull campaign. Just put Tesla’s engine in the glory shop and have everything else associated to Swords Edge.

Boom. Done. On to the next mission.:+1:


fwiw, they do have the ability to put more than one glory troop in a shop in a week. console players used to have to play catch up like that to pc release schedules.

so yeah, they could do that