[Reported] Wrong icon colour in Ghostbustin" event

Platform, device version and operating system: PS5

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened: The Spectral Colossus battle icon should be the Ultra-Rare Blue colour not the Epic Purple colour.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time the Spectral Colossus battle shows on the map. Been happening since event started.

Steps to make it happen again
Play Ghostbustin" event until the Spectral Colossus battle shows on the map.


Can you please give us an update on this or even a comment, something is better than nothing as quite frankly im sick of bug reports being ignored.

This is confusing players as they think it’s one of the Epic battles but it’s not hence giving them a lower score which hinders the guild from completing rewards.

I and the community will be expecting some sort compensation for this.

I apologise if i sound rude but i have just had enough of the Devs incompetence and lack of checking/testing.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I lost a few points to this before @KINGOLLIE pointed it out.

The scoring on this event is higher rarity = higher score; we should surely be able to expect that the icons on the map accurately reflect the rarity.


And, while you’re at it, here’s another exercise to practice your communication skills on:

Spectral Colosus - up 10 levels per encounter;
Captain Skullbeard - up 12 levels per encounter;
Morthani’s Will - up 23 levels per encounter;
The Ghost Queen - up 14 levels per encounter;
King Bloodhammer - up 15 levels per encounter;
The Gray King - up 17 levels per encounter.

Can you spot what’s wrong with the picture and shed some light on the cause of the issue (and why your fabled second to none in house testing let it slip by)?


Great point @Dust_Angel

Also they have made the scoring really low compared to what it was last time (see pics for comparison)

Also to me the drop rate for variable number of Remnants doesn’t seem right has i have hardly received any extra Remnants compared to other world events.

It’s an absolutely joke and as per usual we just get ignored. It’s almost like they are doing this on purpose so everyone quits the game.


Do you know if the actual stage points reqs stayed the same?

Not sure @gow but great question.

@Bramble what is it going to take for you to reply.

The community is doing the right thing by reporting these issues which is something we shouldn’t have to do so the respectful thing to do is to at least reply and have this fixed before the week ends.

King Bloodhammer, L340, dropped 5 remnants for me. I’ve noticed today that none of my wins have dropped more than the base # of remnants.

As to the wrong color for Spectral Knight, I’ve never paid attention to color: scoring based on rarity has never been reliable.

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Looks like devs lost their gift of speech :smiley:


Exactly. Until they give enough of a crap to put scoring in game, you always need to refer to an external source anyway.


Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve let the team know about the issue, and included your screencaptures into the report.


Thanks @Bramble appreciate the reply and letting us know.

Also the scoring seems to be incredibly low. I run a very active guild and we never have any issues unlocking all 16 rewards in a world event and normally unlock all 16 by Friday.

In this world event as of today we still haven’t unlock reward 12 and would say that the highest reward we might unlock is 14.

The Dev’s have got this completely wrong as i pointed out in my comment above comparing the scoring to the last world event.

I know you’re probably busy but can you please look into this and find out if the scoring for this event was wrongly allocated.


If they hope to funnel players to PQ3 - not me. I’m not stupid, I won’t fall for that twice.