[REPORTED: WORKING ON A FIX] New Dragon Tales weapon not creating gems

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:
Before casting:

After casting, no more gems created:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

New weapon doesn’t create Red or Purple gems

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Every time it casts, does the damage but doesn’t create red or purple gems

*Steps to make it happen again

Tried it several times with a Dragon team so should have generated significant gems but it didn’t at all


Just saw that same problem on Android in another bug report so at least it’s a consistent one!


Bug as reported here as well.

PC format.

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Xbox has the exact same issue, so universal indeed.

Nope not working on xbox. Can we get our ingots refunded please? Probably would not ever use this weapon again for about a year!

Same here. Not creating any gems. Android.

So many bugs in new contents, I do not understand how you can ignore that - you seem like you just don’t care.

Not creating gems. Consistent.

Support page is not working either!

Some gems from devs are on the way for apology I guess.

I want my ingots back.

Mobile Android - the same issue!!! No boost, no creation!

Another pretty bug for 5.6.

The AI they programmed to make weapons was just off one interval.


Damn Fortran programmers…

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Ah I see yall have encountered the new feature too lol . :grin:

Distinct bummer. A “useful” weapon that really does “work well” with a Drifting Sands team, but pretty useless with the required Dragon’s Claw team – which is really annoying, since I don’t have a Dragon team weapon I like… Also irksome – I had to buy the weapon to get the extra copies of Lady Garnetia that I needed.

Let me guess this was tested right? 1 goddamn battle not on a dev kit right?

IP2 the absolute epitome of failure and incompetence.


I hope there is some compensation to the player base for this . Was really looking forward to using this new weapon today . Wasted Gems buying the tier just for the new weapon.

I used Mace of Claws which is pretty similar in terms of effects so it wasn’t a complete disaster. Just slightly frustrating. I wanted the weapon for completion of course but disappointing that it’s been coded wrong

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