[REPORTED: WORKING ON A FIX] Dragon Tales not working as described

This. A lot of the recent bugs feel like process problems: either there’s not adequate QA before release, or the feedback loop from QA to dev is dysfunctional.

Either way: this is really eroding trust with players. We should be excited about new releases and new content; but now we’re kind of dreading it. There’s a new faction coming up: are the graphics going to be broken on release weekend on Android like they were the last two times? 5.6 is coming up: is it going to be full of game-breaking bugs like the disastrous lycanthropy rollouts?

These are not subtle or difficult-to-reproduce bugs; why are they not being caught before release? And why are responses to them always reactive rather than proactive? Don’t just fix the bugs; fix the process.


The devs have quite clearly adopted the ‘Monkeys and Typewriters’ methodology of software developement!

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Martin Fowler writes about in his book “Working with legacy code” he calls this the “edit and pray” methodology. They didn’t prayed well enough.
Most of these bugs could have been found if only one dev would make the effort to install the new version on a test environment and try out the new content.
It took anybody only 5 minutes to find out this weapon is not working.


I agree with Jermdog, and give me back the 45 legendary ingots I threw at it before I knew it was bugged…


I don’t think they can even spell QA.

But as long as players still pay, why should they bother?

There is exactly one way to express how we as players feel about the crap we are fed: Stop buying it.

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Unfortunately, this is true. If the cost of QA is more than what players will spend on a quality game and not a buggy one, it doesn’t make sense to have that level of QA.

I stopped paying for GoW earlier this year. I’ll spend again once their testing improves. I imagine the number of people who stopped paying or reduced spending isn’t enough though.

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More rubbish frustrating play from the now mis named game; it should be :Gems of Lycanthropy. Its become a beast and beasts are best avoided.

PS4 confirmed here.

Wasted gems$ on this end…so sad.

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Same issue for me on PS4 also

I can confirm same problem on PC and Android. Where it mentions the boost, it doesn’t indicate there is any. Guess I’ll have to use a different weapon for now.

normaly i would say calm down but the proof is there, theres is no quality control at all


Same issue on Android. No bueno.

Are we looking at fixing this before the event ends? or did we all waste a bunch of gems and ingots for nothing? Legendary ingots do NOT grow on trees or show up special delivery by FedEx.
Same goes for the gems.

remember me of a certain game that start with cyber

Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this bug. Our team has been looking into this since we started this morning, and are working on a fix. We are hoping to have the fix out within the next 24 hours, and we will let you know when it goes live.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


Too late …

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50 gems compensation is pathetic! GIVE ME MY INGOTS BACK!


50 gems is a little disappointing, since I spent 150 gems to get the stupid tome…


Take your 50 gems and hire some competent employees.

Unless it forces me I wont claim them. Spitting on me would have been less of an insult.

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Whether or not you consider the 50-gem compensation to be adequate, it was more than I expected and I am happy to have been proven wrong here. :slightly_smiling_face: