[Reported] VISUAL BUG Genie and Daemon mana penalty deal removes 4 mana instead of 1

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC - Steam - Game version 6.8.0r43736

Screenshot or image:
Bonus mana screen before Genie deal:

Genie deal:

Bonus mana screen after Genie deal:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
During a delve run, I tried my luck on The Genie deal but got the negative outcome which should be giving me a -1 mana bonus as per the in-game text. However, looking at my bonus mana screen during the following fight, it’s showing -4 mana instead.

However this is purely visual, as a 3-gem yellow match will give me 2 mana (or 5 mana when I surge), so it’s really applying only the -1 penalty.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time there is a -1 mana penalty, regardless of the color, the bonus mana screen shows -4. Happens also with The Daemon (tested it).

Steps to make it happen again
Check your bonus mana screen during a fight before a Genie or a Daemon deal, do delves or explore runs until you get a Genie or a Daemon deal that penalizes you for -1 mana, the check your bonus mana during the following fight.

I’ve seen this happen to multiple people in my guild and other guilds as well as people on this forum.

EDIT This bug is only visual, so less impactful than anticipated.


I guess the -1 is applied as a debuff on each of your troops?

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That’s what it looks like, yeah.

That’s kind of unexpected. I wonder if this one


also Death Mark’s a random opponent troop for each of your own troops? And what happens if one of your troops gets killed and replaced with some other troop?

Is this just a visual bug in that one screen or does it actually subtract 4 from mana gathered? E.g., if you match 3 gems, do you gain zero mana, or even lose one?

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I had the “bless an enemy” one that only blessed 1 enemy.

Great point. This is actually only visual. I’m getting -1 mana while the screen shows -4. I’ll modify my post to reflect this!


This also applies to the mana bonuses. It adds +1 for each troop, showing a net +4 affect.