[Reported] Underspire: Endless corridor

Thanks. Hoping next update the dead ends will be less than 6. Going down multiple 6 room dead ends still sucks.

6?! Lol. Last week I had a dead end with more than 20. Spent extra gems just to reach boss 3 within 1 turn later on the other end of the map.

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Is it possible to explain exactly that to everyone involved in any upcoming final decisions that involve the implementation of the “RNG”-factor? While one-sided often described as… “fun”, for the majority of players it just isn’t, never was, never will be.

Players love fixed rulesets which are helpful and guiding, but sadly most of the time aren’t provided as complete info with the game itself and need to be discovered by the players instead over time. To know exactly how much is needed to play to achieve the individual goal is awesome, because players need a form of planning for themselves, not everybody has the time to play the game daily for multiple hours.

An example but nothing to do with Underspire: Most players would agree that it is perceived as “not fair” if someone semi-active “lucks out” after a handful of matches to get a horde mimic while others, actively playing explore daily don’t get it since its release. If that example was inappropriate it can be used with anything else regarding Underspire, I’ve seen surreal maps of users (not only with endless corridors) while others seemingly by design were “more lucky” in finding the correct paths very direct and quickly without any “obstacles” and therefore had way less investment neeeded and way less time (wasted) playing.

-RNG = +player_happiness


The thing is, whilst the developers might make the claim that they are not trying to get people to empty their wallets, the business division are definitely trying to do that. I’ve seen too many games get ruined because corporate wants to squeeze dollars out of people, while the developers are just trying to make something fun to play.

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Props to you Kafka, I know a lot more people than just myself have appreciated your more frequent/detailed communication lately! I’m not one who believes you and/or IP2 are nefarious cat-petting overlords, but a lack of communication can certainly result in some poor or difficult decisions, especially when the community regularly points out issues which are not responded to for long periods of time.

I know every time you post someone will be upset, but increased communication is good for both the community and the quality of the game. Thanks so much for dedicating a little more of your time to us crazy forum-dwellers! :blush:


Appears to still be an issue.

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If the patch went through after the weekly rollover, it’s likely that this week’s mazes had already been generated. Might still be fixed for next week.

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Am I the only one that has had the worst map this week ever in Underspire? Is it a coincidence that it’s the same week the devs “fixed” something in Underspire?

I have the best map so far.

I guess it’s coincidence.

Some of my alliance mates complained as well while others are doing as before (or better, like me).

last week was my worst one by FAR, took me like 130 fights, i hit EVERY single dead end in every area, this week is way closer to average, looking like only 1 extra torch pack than expected for me

I’m somewhere in the middle, 103. Other than Final Boss and Boss 6 being side by side in tiles (had to go up and around), just the usual stuff.

I’ve hit more triple splits than ever. Also while going for the 6th keystone the higher level rooms led me 7 rooms into another triple split of dead ends. I’ve never had that happen. It’s just been bad.

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92 rooms for me this week which is really lucky. I usually need about 10 to 20 more.


I dont make it complete i make brown and green dragon rooms.

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This week I was at 104 total rooms. This is right around my weekly average of 103 rooms.

I had some areas that took 20+ rooms, and others that were 12-13. I didn’t notice anything unusual.

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I’m checking with the team if the fix took longer to push out than thought to see if it possibly hit the live game after weekly reset which would explain why it didn’t work.

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@Kafka are only dead-ends supposed to be cut off at 6/7? Because I just had a path which did end in a boss room that was 14 rooms long.

Can you screenshot it? Did you count from the keystone?

Need multiple screencaps to show it. Arrow pointing at the Keystone.


I also had one boss room DIRECTLY after a Keystone, is that normal? It’s my first time reaching the final boss room so IDK.


Screenshotting bigger portions might be easier from minimap view.

Final boss room (Diamantina) is alwas directly behind the last keystone.

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