[REPORTED] Unable to target enemy with ropedart

Platform, device version and operating system:. Pixel 3a, Android vs 11

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Enemy avoided dieing from 5 point team damage being submerged, and couldn’t target any enemy at that point with ropedart. Retreat was the only option at this point.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This has happened now 3 times in past couple months, but other times was unable to target with other spell.

Steps to make it happen again
Need submerged and stealth enermy only available, and submerge avoids global (passive) 5point team damage death when you cast spell and then you can’t target anything with spell chosen.


So you’re saying something is bugged with Stealth trait?

You can’t target a troop, because all troops have Stealth ?

Sounds weird…

Not quite. In the pic above, when you start to cast Rope Dart, Ironhaw’s trait triggers and attempts to do 5 damage to each troop. The enemy hero dodges that because it’s submerged. Now it’s your turn to select the target for Rope Dart, but you are unable to select either troop.


Which comes to what i’ve written in post above - something got broken with Stealth or Submerge started working as Stealth in some weird way… Because:
if hero has stealth both should be targetable, if hero doesn’t have it, he should be a valid target for rope dart… Submerge should never prevent you from being able to cast a spell on a target

Hero is not stealthy. Looks like the game thinks the hero is dead (it would be, if it wasn’t submerged), so you can’t target it. But it also thinks there’s a non-stealthy enemy available, so it won’t let you target the stealthy weaver.

It’s a very specific scenario, this might have been around since Ironhawk was introduced and just not noticed.

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Every time this has happened it’s been with Ironhawk so that would make sense.

Thanks for letting us know about this, I have passed it on.