[Reported] Troop image mismatch/wrong troop image

Xbox One X

Two days ago⬇️


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
For them to show the correct image?!

I was using RT/LT to scroll around the starting letters of the troop groups, but upon reaching the designated group it showed the wrong images.

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Hey @maze

Is this happening consistently when scrolling or was this the first two times this has occurred?
And is it when repetitively hitting the RT/LT or also when slowly scrolling through?

Also, are you noticing this only when scrolling in selected Filtered fields?

Only in these two instances that I noticed it actually.
I usually hold RT until I get to the letter I’m looking for, than maybe skip it and LT to go back by one, and that might the culprit moving too fast before the images load properly.

Let us know if you notice it occurring again when tapping through, as it does potentially sound like it is scrolling too fast and attempting to load the images.

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It happened again.

I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m scrolling to fast by holding the RT button, then stop and scroll back using LT.

Steam, Xbox 360 controller, scrolling the list with LT/RT causes the list to go blank and remain so until switching categories.


Thank you for sharing the additional information and the video of the issue happening. I tested this myself and was able to have it happen multiple times.

Scrolling fast with LT and the RT is making it happen. I’ll report this with the Development Team to get them to look into a fix.

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