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[Reported] Translation Issue Russian

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Russian Version:

It tells: “Task reroll will allow you to complete easier task, but you will not receive any reward for it. Do you want to re-roll the task?”



Also, some players got this after rerolling the task.

It says “приключение” (adventure) instead of “экспедиция” (explore). People were confused and frustrated.

This has already been reported to the team.

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This has been reported way back when the Campaigns were just introduced, but it seems that someone has short term memory loss. :man_shrugging:


The issue was reported last week. And still no fix? Timely fashion, huh…

@Kafka it has been reported 14 days back, yet the translation is the same.

It’s almost the end of the campaign. Nothing has changed.

Moreover, the Russian description of “gnome-a-palooza” again tells “приключение” (adventure) instead of “экспедиция” (explore)

Ну и ещё просто грамматика: надо писать “будут появляться” вместо “будут появляются”. И Арену забыли. И кстати, на “Adventure board” гномы же тоже появляются.

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Великие переводчики, как они есть. Царь во дворца!


Russian verion of The Moon has quotation marks in its name. The card is the first in the list of troops.



@Saltypatra @Kafka I wonder how long should we scream out loud about issues with translation, waiting for a fix for months?! It seems more like a discrimination of the nation that uses this language.

P.S. When you screw up with gnome-a-palooza, making some good experience with you worthless game, you fixed it right away, and made players pay for your screw-up, making this event worse 10times. BUT when it comes to the quality improvement - you don’t give a damn. Shame on ya.

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The old issues weren’t fixed. New ones were added.

Some grammar mistakes:

Astral Mother: a typo in the trait description. It should look like “вероятность НАЛОЖИТЬ отражение НА случайного союзника”.

Fountain of stars: The spell description should be “Трансформирует 5 зеленЫХ камнЕЙ в фиолетовые зелья”

Aaand my favourite one. The Russian translation still confuses Exlore (экспедиция) with Adventure (приключение). Even in the news section.

English version: PvP and Explore

Russian version: PvP and Adventure

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It has been three months since the issue was reported yet no resolution on that. What’s the purpose of bug reporting if nothing changes? It takes around half an hour to fix it and upload to production.

OMG, communication ninjas lost their swords? “TheMoon” is still not fixed and they’ve decided to insert everything in gnome-a-palooza: adventure, explore, PvP, I wonder why FPS and survive horror are not there yet.

По-моему тут всё верно:
Activate Gnome-a-Palooza. Gnomes will appear in all Explore, Quest, PVP, and Challenge Battles for 15 minutes.
Активирует карложесткач. Карлики будут появляться в режиме экспедиции, приключений, PvP и испытаниях в течение 15 мин.

В игре Quest испокон веков адаптировано под Приключение
А Adventure Board адаптировано как Доска поручений

First of all, I want to thank the devs for fixing most of the issues mentioned above.

Now, there is another translation issue, this time with Rok’Gar the guardian. The Russian version tells “creates BLUE mana potions”, while it should be brown.

English version:

Russian version:

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Hey @overthinker

I have reported this to the team and passed on the correct translation!

Thanks for sharing this.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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По моему плохо для бета-тестера плавать в терминологии. Приключения - это Adventure, и испокон веков в русских языковых пакетах всегда переводчики путали explore и adventure