[Reported] Tower of Doom has reset

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The Tower of Doom event has reset. All guilds on the leaderboard have reset to 0. All rewards have reset although the system doesn’t allow you to collect them again. All the scrolls in each room are now different to what we have already mapped out. It’s like the whole event has just reset itself.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just happened today Friday 25th March.

Steps to make it happen again

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Yup, same for my guild on PS4. I have exactly the same symptoms you have about the scrolls resetting, reward tiers, and stat bonuses. Individual players still show their number of dooms and sigils though.

Note: A guild member first reported this in our chat an hour ago.


Yes agree, how guild leaderboard is still ok but everything else has reset. It looks like it’s just a console issue as PC/mobile are not having this issue. I have told my guild to stop playing the Tower of Doom event for now as the mapped rooms are all incorrect. I hope they see this bug report pretty quickly and fix it ASAP.

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Definitely agree, best to pause until it gets resolved or at least we hear something. The map being different is a big issue as people started to overwrite a few rooms thinking they were entered wrong. It could become a mess real quick.

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It also happened to my Guild on my PSN account. I really hope this is an oversight on the devs’ behalf.


It’s a big mess already but yes I agree. I suppose there will be no compensation for this. This is a big screw up. I have member that haven’t played at all and were going to play over the weekend but can’t play until this gets fixed, if it gets fixed.

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Hey everyone!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have reported this to the Development Team and they’re currently investigating the cause, so they can work on a fix to go out asap.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thank you for looking into this so quickly.

I’m sure this is part of the same issue but on Xbox the tower of doom is just gone completely…

Same. Gone completely on Xbox.
Not cool.

Yeah I hope it is just to fix it with the upcoming daily reset because some of us spent a lot of gems and there is really no fair compensation for that unless they have a record of how many gems your spent

Yes they have removed the Tower of Doom event from the guild tab while the Devs are fixing the issue.

Are we really suprised? I mean really?

With what??? These issues happen and they were very quick to start to fix it once I posted the bug.

Let’s give them a chance to fix it.

On PC I just collected my last stage rewards.

If it’s not one thing it’s another. In other words it’s always something.

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O evento voltou, mas mudou a localização dos pergaminhos.

This shitty game is a shame! All the rooms that I had opened have to be redone because they have been modified!
I stop there! I’m going to ask for a refund of my remaining 73 stamps!!!

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Thank you @OminousGMan for having the Tower of Doom event fixed.