[Reported] The Empress and Broken Spire troops

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I expected that troops from Broken Spire kingdom pass will be in drop pool in March, i appreciate the change.
But The Empress can’t be in gem or glory chests, should be in vault.
So, is it in the vault now? And are the troops from Broken Spire rework now in drop pool?
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today, on weekly reset.


If you see the graphics, chances are they’re probably in there lol.


Took me several hundred thousand glory, but works as advertised, and as such I’d expect them to honour it.
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Thank you for letting us know, The Empress is only meant to be a reward in the Vault.

That said, if you’ve already received the The Empress from the Glory/Gem Chests, you’re welcome to keep it in your inventory.

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Is empress available in vault right now? If not, what is the ETA.
Its very important for me

Honestly, with how rare vault events are becoming, it should be changed so you could get the tarot cards drop from at least the event chests.


The first bunch of tarot cards became available through the Soulforge once. I would think, that would be an even better solution.


True, but hopefully without the devil battlecrashers for the weapon, if they choose that route again.

Well, I guess the community would very much appreciate if they were available in the Soulforge during their associated kingdom week. However, I really don’t see any way to get this communicated to whoever is in charge, let alone implemented.