[Reported] (Switch) Wrong kingdom on startup loading screen

Platform: Switch

It was actually amusing the first time I spotted this, but I’m pretty sure Vulpacea is NOT the new Zhul’kari:

Seems perfectly harmless, but I have also seen it happen a second time so I’m guessing it might be repeatable (provided it is the kingdom selected for the startup loading screen).

I can’t confirm whether it was trying to show Zhul’Kari or Vulpacea (which won’t arrive on Switch for two more campaigns) here, but I will keep watch for either kingdom appearing during the load screen so I can collect more data.

I have previously seen various kingdoms shown on the loading screen prior to their Switch release, but they were at least identified correctly.

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Third incident today, but this time I have it on video!

Again, I can’t confirm whether the game was intending to show either Zhul’Kari or Vulpacea in the loading screen but I am actually paying attention to it going forward.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the video, I’ll pass this onto the development team!

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As luck would have it, after last night’s 6.9 update, I boot up the game and the first kingdom selected during the loading screen is … Vulpacea, properly named and tagged!

So this MIGHT be fixed on Switch now.

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Recently saw Court of Foxes appearing (properly) during the startup loading.

But I also saw this occur last week:


Same by me on switch. I saw court of foxes

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