[Reported] Switch Useless Chat Upgrade (actually downgrade)

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Before todays update it was normal when you press “OK” in the first picture the message was sent immediatly.
No you have to press “Send” additionally which is completely unnecessary.

Would be nice if this could be turned back to how it was before
With before I mean: Just press “OK” and this will send the message

Btw you cant even read what you wrote in this small textbox if you type more then a few letters anymore

In addition the filter menu has the same issue.
Before you could type in any text and press “OK” and it shows all available troops/weapons.
Now you have to press “apply filter” in addition to achieve the same result

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For the Filters menu I might argue this is technically an improvement, because the text entry is part of a larger form so confirming the text entry (necessary by system design) should be distinct from submitting the form.

Though extra clicks in any case always feel like a downgrade…

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I kinda agree with you about the filter menu. It has it’s ups and downs.
But for the chat it’s just a downgrade imo