[Reported] Stellarix skill leads to soft lock

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Stellarix skill leads to soft lock

this happens all the time(before and after 7.4), and many of our guildmates are having the same problem.
After Stellarix kills all the enemies, the game locks, we cannot tap open any troops, cannot switch gems on board, cannot quit from the battle. Leaving us no choice but restart the game.
I have recorded a footage of what happened, and submit from the website. Feedback says I should write here, but I cannot upload the video.

Yeah, video files are heavy on bandwidth/storage space so you’re not allowed to upload them directly – you need somewhere else to host it (a video site or online file storage). But, feel free to take snapshots if they can help illustrate exactly what was going on.

Thanks for the report! The team are aware of this one and we’re currently investigating.

If you upload the video to youtube or dropbox it will work or alternatively you can send it through directly to support here:

Please mention I asked you to send a video through if you send it to support.

If this is too much work etc, if you could just let me know which game mode it happened in and what team you were using that would be great as it will help us narrow the specific cause down.


hi Kafka, thanks for your respond. actually I have sent the video via ticket already, the ID is #134346. The supoort staff asked me to creat a topic here so they can solve the problem, and here I am.
It happens mostly in explore mode but I guess it can be happening in any mode. The team I use is Stellarix, weapon, Essencia, Lep. The problem is in the Stellarix, if Stellarix casts and kill all the enemies, then the heroic gems that being created will still make matches, if I try to retreat from the battle with gems being matched. the batlle locks and you cannot quit.


Ah! I handled your ticket and made the report with your battle logs.

I’ll double check the response email for bug reports says the right thing as well.


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