[Reported] Snowy Owlbear's spell effect inconsistent with description

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I was expecting the spell to eliminate 10 of enemy’s attack if its attack is equal to Snowy Owlbear’s attack, but that does not happen.

If I cast on enemy with lower attack - Snowy Owlbear gets Enraged.
If I cast on enemy with higher attack - 10 of its attack gets eliminated.
If I cast on enemy with equal attack - nothing happens.

It seems natural to me that “Otherwise” in spell description should just read as a shorthand for “if enemy’s attack value is equal to mine or higher

I noticed this in Arena, but the behaviour is the same outside Arena also.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I guess ever since Snowy Owlbear was introduced.

Steps to make it happen again
Use Snowy Owlbear in a battle.


If Snowy Owlbear’s attack is higher, it should always get enraged. If it isn’t higher (because it’s equal or lower), it should always eliminate 10 attack. That seems obvious. The fact it does nothing when attack is equal is pretty stupid. The ability doesn’t say “If my attack is greater, do this. If it’s lower, do this instead.” But it’s probably coded like that, and they forgot to do anything if it’s equal.


Oh hey, this bug from April still hasn’t been fixed. Source: It just happened to me, so I searched for it.


Bug reconfirmed as of this date.


Another one here with Owlbear at Arena. Still doesn’t work as expected.

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Maybe we need to collect such cases - old troops with bugs. Snowy Owlbear, Haunted Guardian - what else?


Phoenix and Black Beast.

What about them? (And which “phoenix” are you referring to – Sunbird? Lady Phoenicia? Quetzalma? Moon Phoenix?)

Going from memory, here’s what I know of:

  • Sunbird does not “resurrect” itself in the same way certain other Troops can (e.g. Infernal King), but instead summons itself at whatever level its Magic stat is. Which is a moot point once you have a strong Kingdom Bonus (and a level-capped Sunbird), but ALWAYS noticed for cpu teams, where Sunbird resurrects at lower levels with each cast.
  • Black Beast is unable to Devour itself, unlike other Troops that have the ability to kill Allies (Princess Elspeth, Sacrificial Priest) and which CAN target themselves. Which makes sense since the effect is a Devour and Heal self (but the Create Skulls could still occur), but technically the spelltext should probably say “an other Ally” instead of just “an Ally”. Or is it how the latter effects occur regardless of whether the Devour succeeded (as contrast with Vash’Dagon) ?

You got it right.

  • Sunbird summons itself, so easily became useless for any NPC battle. Still viable during PVP because L20 limit and player buffs anyway.
  • Logically Black Beast heals itself because it devours the unit. If it cannot devour anything, and still heals, it looks like cheating. Can be fixed with adding “If target devoured, heals to the full” (I believe, some newer troops has something along this lines in similar cases).