[Reported] Single Troop Bonus buff pets not applying

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was explecting to see Shadow-Hunter’s Hawk pet bonuses displaying in the buffs screen (before and inside the battle)
“Your Shadow-Hunter’s Hawk increase Shadow Hunter’s Skills” (or something like that as the original text used to say.
As for the Shadow- Hunter, you can see that only Weekly buffs are displaying.

The same applies to Tela (noticed in the previous World Event) and probably the other troops with their associated pets.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happening currently, for I don’t know how long (Maybe after the 7.3 update???)

Steps to make it happen again
Make a team with a troop that has a “Single troop bonus” pet.


Single troop bonus applying in PVP defense, however, not on attack teams.

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@Bramble can you please take a look into this??

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Teodorevich was included in the Invasion team and the bonus for Teodorevich’s Teddy is not applying. So, I can confim the single troop bonuses are only applying in Pvp (defense) currently.

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I observed my Theodorevich on Switch. Although there is no mentioning of the pet bonus on the left-hand-side tabs anywhere, it seems that the bonus was indeed applied at the start of battle, together with the bonus for medals. It just was not documented on the LHS tabs.

There does seem to be some problem with the LHS tabs. It seems that they are not displaying properly in a fair number of cases.

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Hello :slight_smile: @Ant_Man

Just to clarify that it seems like this thread has two different issues.

  • One being the descriptive text about the pet bonuses being applied.
  • The second about the Single Troop bonus pet buff not applying in battles except for PVP Defense.

1. Descriptive Text Issue
As for the first issue, this is not a bug. There is not meant to be any descriptive text that your pet buff is currently applied.

2. Buffs Not Applying Issue
And for the second issue, I have a couple quick questions for further investigation.

  • Is the buff not applying happening with PvP pets or just regular pets?
  • Are there any other known pets having this issue?
  • Please provide your Invite Code and platform.
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It seems to be broken in general.

This is a team with the new holiday troop Tianlong, with some filler troops, in Wild Plains Explore 1, without having purchased the holiday pet Tianlong’s Fire:

This is the very same team, same place, after buying Tianlong’s Fire and upgrading it to level 10 for a +3 stat bonus to Tianlong:

Tianlong’s stats only went up by 1, the very base bonus without upgrading, not by 3.

Please assume that every pet that directly increases stat points of a single troop only provides the base bonus, no matter how far it is upgraded. PC/Mobile, likely every other platform except Switch too.

EDIT: It actually works correctly in the situation above. Tianlong’s Fire was already at level 5, so the stat bonus went up correctly by just 1 point.

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The issue is for All troops with “Single Troop Bonus” buff pets - not the PVP ones.

Tesla, Zephyros, Desdaemona, Bonnie Rose, Tianlong, Tuzi, Teodorevich, etc.

Bonuses don’t apply (increase stats in any battle of any mode).

There has always a description of an active pet in all battles, which is gone for awhile.

@Fourdottwoone describes well the issue above.

I’m on Pc/Mobile.


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Before you buy anything, you should have received a Tianlong’s Fire in the mail several days ago. (Special event log-in bonus, day 1.) Have you unawaringly (habitually) upgraded it to level 5 already before your first pic?

I suggest that you take some time to calculate your troop’s stats to verify whether the pet buff has been correctly applied.

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First, a report of my observation. Back-to-back battles on adventure board (Switch):

Tianlong with Tianlong’s Fire level 1:

Same with pet at level 5:

Evidently, the pet’s buff has been correctly applied.

Second, to jump in and answer your questions:

It is a “descriptive text” issue, but a much wider one than just pet buffs and also more than just that.

All the following is about the Switch version; I cannot speak for the other versions. I clearly remember that several versions ago, when I make a team in the team menu, any kind of team bonus (kingdom/troop type) and also the delve bonus and medal bonus gets the descriptive text for every troop, plus the increased stats are reflected on the troop’s stats in the team menu. (Don’t remember specifically about troop buff pets, but it’s probably the same, as they all belong to buffs immediately applied when you enter battle, in contrast to buffs for traits/talents which are applied in turn after that.) But ever since a certain update, all these are no longer displayed except for the hero. So now when I make a team, I see my hero with all team buffs listed (descriptive text) and also reflected in my hero’s stats, but all other troops get no listed buffs except for weekly event, and the stats reflect only those for kingdom level/power and renown but not for any team buffs or such.

When I enter battle, all the buffs will be applied correctly. However, this bug is quite inconvenient, as it hinders my evaluation of my team when I build my team. I now have to switch over to the “bonus” tab to count and sum my bonuses, and then have to painstakingly calculate the effects of any Magic buffs on my troops’ spells (instead of being able to see their effects on the troops’ spell tabs as before), in order to get a good evaluation before I enter battle.

(For example, since I use Marlith, it really helps to get a rough idea of how many gems she is going to destroy when considering her inclusion and positioning. Ever since the bug, this has become cumbersome. )

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Good catch. You are right, it must already have been at level 5, so the stats only going up by 1 point actually shows it’s working correctly in that situation. Needs another test in PvP mode with a pet that can still be upgraded, or some really good bonus aggregation skills to see if the number match. :woozy_face:

Single troop bonus pets have been working forever, but… missing the tooltip is still quite a valid thing to report.

Bork pet makes a significant difference (in my opinion)

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