[REPORTED] No scroll arrows for 9-10 weapons

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Android, probably iOS.

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I discovered this when accessing the weapon list directly from the kingdoms power task screen (first screenshot), but it happens any time you enter the weapons list and filter it down in a way that matches 9 or 10 weapons.

Screenshots 2-5 show that when there are 9 weapons for a kingdom, the first screen (shots 2, 4) will not have a down arrow, so the player thinks they are seeing all the weapons, but there’s actually one more. Same with screenshots 6-7, but for 10 weapons. Screenshots 8-9 show that the problem is not present for 11 weapons.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I only noticed it a couple of days ago, but given that Salty has repeatedly told us nothing is being changed in the Filter (I don’t understand this), it’s probably been there since the start.

Steps to make it happen again
Easiest way to see it on any account is to go to the Weapons tab, Filter to Forest of Thorns, select Show All. The kingdom has 10 weapons, but you won’t see the scroll arrows when viewing the first 8.

Why can Factions be selected in the Weapon filter? They never show anything. That is both bug (Faction weapons should show their Faction) and design fault (the kingdom list shouldn’t be cluttered with “kindgoms” that have no weapons).

Initially reported here (linked to my post describing what the exact issue was after a lot of testing, as original post stated it is related to the World Event, which was not the case) about seven months ago:

The arrows don’t show up if you have exactly 9 or 10 weapons, but you can drag down with the mouse (presumably slide on mobile) as a workaround.

This will become more and more of an issue as more kingdoms reach this threshold of having exactly 9 or 10 where they will likely remain for a year or more. Most people don’t know you can drag-scroll, and consoles don’t have that luxury (or do they have an equivalent?), so they’d have to know those weapons are there and manually filter.

And more info here showing a secondary but where the arrows show when they shouldn’t (and don’t work while you are on the final row all sets of (4n) displayed objects, where n is > 2. Also still a thing. Eg., go to Blackhawk, filter “not brown, not yellow”, show all, have exactly 12 troops filtered. First click of scroll down changes display from troops 1-8 to 5-12, but the scroll down buttons are still visible. Clicking to scroll down again does nothing. There is no 13th troop to display here. Drag scroll will allow you to show troops 9-12 as the top row and an empty row at the bottom. Not as much of an issue since theres nothing being actively blocked here by having the extraneous arrows, but it might be related to the original issue so it is worth mentioning.