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[Reported] No Ads Available

Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile (Obviously) Samsung Chromebook V2
Screenshot or image:
If necessary

Haven’t watched an ad in at least 15 hours on the Recruiter. When I went to try it said “No ads available.”
Logged into a different alt account and was able to watch an ad maybe 5 minutes later. Logged back into the Recruiter about a half hour later and was able to watch an ad.

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Still happening post 4.9.5 update

Still not available… I jumped on an alt and they were available so it seems to be tied to specific accounts.

A good 25 minutes later, an ad appeared. So the ability to see 3 ads in exactly 24 hours doesn’t seem even possible.
By pure coincidence, I watched an ad right before I went to sleep, slept 8 hours and watched another ad. Then noticed during my last tribute that I had a new ad supposedly in a few minutes. 25-30 minutes later it actually became available.


Sorry about this, the team are aware of the issue and are looking into it with our ad provider to ensure enough ads are being served.


apparently the ads are sheltering in place.

I haven’t seen on available in 4 days now.

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Currently happening on all 7 of my accounts @Kafka.

Feature request: If no ad is available then an award should be given for even bothering to check. :man_shrugging:

Still the same 3 hours later. Seems no more ads until y’all get back to work. :+1:

No ads available on my iPad since at least Friday afternoon/evening AEST.
No ads available on my Android emulator since at least Saturday late afternoon AEST.

Yes, I was able to view ads on the latter at a time when I couldn’t on the former.

Really want to give you your coffee money! :smile:

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One other thing: it says you can watch one ad every 8 hours. That’s not true.

What’s actually true is that, after watching one ad, you can watch another ad 8 hours later.

It’s the same with collecting tribute: you get more tribute if you log in as soon as possible after it becomes available.

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I know it’s not really a fix but when I get the ‘no ads available’ message, I uninstall & reinstall on my IPhone to get the ad to appear.

Considering that it’s been 8 months… And this isn’t a bug but a rate limit on how many times either a device or a location can watch ads a day.

At this time… It’s either blatant ignorance or unbelievable dishonesty to still consider this “a bug”.

@Saltypatra I’m tagging you now since you’ve inherited these issues.

Basically your ad provider false adertisers the claim of a new ad every 8 hours per account. If a device or household has too many GoW accounts. They will happily restrict the amount of ads that are able to be watched. And absolutely nothing has been done about it in 8 months it seems. 🤷

I know this… because my account can say no ads available here in the USA right now. But you could open my account in Australia and magically you’d have ads available for my account. Because either the location or the device is different despite my account saying no ads available for me here. Because my alt accounts watched ads. The alt accounts that you had absolutely no issue accepting money on. Despite the shared device and location. So if it’s not an issue when giving money… Why is it an issue when watching ads?

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Since this issue could take years to remedy like warhawk was. Maybe the best remedy would be to just update the text to be more accurate:

“One ad available every 8-16 hours depending on how many accounts you use on this device/location.”
I just don’t enjoy wasting my time logging into an account to watch an ad to see that it was all for not, I feel like it sends the opposite message of what you are trying to send with these ads.

I found a work around. (For those who run into this similar issue.)
Open the chest menu or sub chest menu (don’t even need to open a chest). Keep doing it until an ad becomes available.

Bumping this since this on the cusp of being a year old issue and the work around is working less and less.