[Reported] Guild wars defense: trying to scroll also drags troops

iPhone 12 mini



  1. Early in guild wars week, go to Guild > Guild Wars > Defense
  2. Place a finger within the large scrollbox (and more specifically within a troop tile)
  3. Move finger left

Scroll the scrollbox, bringing other teams into view.

The scrollbox scrolls and the troop tile is dragged. This is quite weird and unexpected.

Possible solutions:
A) Disable rearranging troops directly on the defense-teams screen.

Players who want to rearrange troops within a defense team will have to hit “edit team” first. This is probably not a common thing to do, so it’s fine if it requires an extra step.

B) Treat horizontal movement as scroll-only and vertical movement as rearrange-only.

The game uses a similar technique on the team-building screen to distinguish scrolling the troops list (vertical finger movement) from dragging a troop card into the team (horizontal finger movement). It works very well there.