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[REPORTED] Gems of War community: Header is no longer fixed at the top

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android & Windows -> Firefox & Edge (i think all systems and browsers are affected…)

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
In the past the header (“Gems of War Community” … Search BurgerMenu Profile) of this forum was allways sticked at the top of the screen.
Some days ago it is scrolling away with the effect that you can no longer easy return to the top page of the forum.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Open https://community.gemsofwar.com/ and scroll down.


When you go to check a comment.
It just takes you to the complete bottom of a thread now for the past day or so. Not sure if it’s a forum change or a discourse change. Either way they’ve been Unquality of life changes…aka…all patches of Gems of War after 4.6 :grin::wink:


Noticed both of these, thought it was from an update to my phone.


I knew it, now i dont feel. Crazy.


For a day or two there, I thought I just forgot how to use the forums :laughing:


Also happening on iPhone11 iOS 14.1

I was away from the forums for a while in October and thought I lost the ability to easily navigate the forums due to inactivity.

In addition, when I click on an unread thread, rather than taking me to the most recent post, it takes me to the bottom of the thread and I have to scroll back up.

Thank you for posting @Live.


I attributed it to Elvses interference/hacking/disinformation.

Also, the side bar doesn’t show which post I’m on, which is difficult when trying to navigate the mega-delve thread. Please fix this when possible. Tyvm.


I think it was a patch to the forums software (from those devs) rather than a conscious decision by the devs. There is no reason for anyone at I+2 to be mucking around with forums settings like this.

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It might be a bugged version (maybe not the latest) or a new global parameter which wasnt configured by i+2.


That requires a change on Saltys end. This has happened before when regulars lost the ability to delete their own posts if I remember right. (And edits were capped)

We haven’t made any changes and will look into this.


I clicked on several links in old threads, and they seem to go to the wrong post now.

For example, when I copied this link, it was supposed to take me to a post of mine. It does not anymore. Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips. Very frustrating.

The only fix I have found is to downgrade to 2018 forum version, go to your profile, interface, themes.


Thanks! Doesnt look pretty but technically it helps at least, so the Theme “Gems of War 2019.1” seem to be broken or a broken part.


Please make some sort of announcement when this is fixed. I don’t mind the 2019.1 theme, but I will remain on 2018.1 until the UI is no longer as broken as a campaign promise.

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Worth noting that (for me at least) changing theme won’t be saved if you are coming from link that is on main website. I’ve tried it on Firefox and Google Chrome. Such link has embedded “preview_theme_id=22” parameter which sets theme to 2019 which is broken at this moment. Only thing that is working for me so far is using direct link to forums with “preview_theme_id=21”.

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Did the trick for me, thanks! It’s not as pretty, but at least I can navigate it now :smiley:

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Thanks @Crow.


It was driving me nuts, I’m super glad i could share some help.


There’s the fix for the navigation issue (it should be implemented by forum admins only):

add to stylesheet (.css) the following:

#ember5 {
position: relative;
margin: auto;
z-index: 1000;
width: 100%;
#ember5.fixed {
position: fixed;

In the bottstrap.js add:

//fixed navbar script//
var navwin = (window); fxel = (’#ember5’);
eloffset = fxel.offset().top;

navwin.scroll(function() {
if (eloffset < navwin.scrollTop()) {
} else {
//fixed navbar script end//

After that the initial topic page will look like:

but after scrolling the content down the navbar will remain “sticky”:

So at least user could navigate to the content of the forum and see their notifications without a need to scroll to the very top of a longread.

As a workaround (pretty nasty one as it overlays the header):

use extension “Stylish” in Chrome and add the following style applicable to any page that starts with “community.gemsofwar.com” :
#ember5 {
position: fixed;

It will “stick” the user menu to the top, so fter scrolling anywhere down you will still be able to see it. However, in the beginning, it will overlay the main header.