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[Reported] Festival of the Sun: Map graphics bug

Platform, device version and operating system: Android

Screenshot or image: test

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Just visiting the new event’s map page to start a fight. All the little icons move into place as expected, but a few don’t stop moving and spaz out.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time I visit the Fight tab / map. It doesn’t happen on PC, nor did it happen to me during the last World Event.


It’s really distracting. :-1: If this was intended, it gives me a headache looking at it

Doesn’t happen for me on iOS. Maybe it’s “working as intended” to make higher reward levels harder to click? Good ol’ Cat Sith’s Cave is steady as a rock, I noticed.

Definitely not. I have 3 level 10 Cat Sith’s Caves that do the same thing.
In another thread, someone reported also seeing this on iOS, although it stops after a couple of seconds.

Ios here

First time entering the event after opening the game

After that

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I had the same thing on my iPhone11 V13.13.1. It also went away after the first time. (Kinda miss the ‘wiggle’ though Lol)


GoW Festival of the Sun Graphics https://imgur.com/gallery/ZFofcIx

I really wish the over enthusiastic wiggle went away on mine :sob:. It is driving me crazy!


I complained about the on-load wiggle back in the beta. I thought it was distracting and didn’t add anything useful to the game/mode. Had this perma-wiggle happened to me then, I would have been even louder in my complaining.


Hey can people who are still having this issue please tell me the model of your device?

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I also have this issue on my phone, since the start of the event. I didn’t say anything because the folks here covered it. However, I thought I’d pipe up now that you’re asking for devices. My phone is an LG G7 One.

I also play on Steam, but that’s fine.

If I had to guess, it’s likely to do with the smaller resolution. The battle icon and the text seem to be one image/asset together (instead of plain text sitting under an icon) so I think the smaller res crushes them together and they start fighting for space. Could be fixed by forcing one of them to the back, maybe, if that’s even possible?

I’m on a Samsung Note 9 so not an old out of date phone or even a small one.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8, on Android Pie.

Huawey P30 Lite, same issue

It’s always there when I first load the map. It goes away if I play 2 or more battles in a row.
iPhone11 V13.3.1

iPhone XR for me

Ok, I spoke to the team and it’s happening because the icons are bumping into each other, it should stop after like 5 seconds max if you stay on the screen.

Other than that we’ll try to adjust the placement of the icons in future so this doesn’t happen.


Even the icons need to practice social distancing


A little gravedigging…

I’m not good at video-capturing program window, so you’ll have to trust my word on it.
Everything was fine during last week’s event, but today top two battle icons jitter again (checked on my account and on my brother’s account).
It takes about 10 seconds for fast jitter right after entering FIGHT screen to slow down to a crawl, but those icons still change position at intervals even thirty or more seconds later.