[Reported] Enemy Leviathan defeats the whole point of Merlantis Kingdom Trials

At risk of duplicating a pre-existing discussion, I think this one really NEEDS to be singled out from the rest:

Platform: (any/all)

For the Merlantis Kingdom Trials, you are hinted to buff your team with Submerged to protect against spells that target all troops. Easy, right?

Well, there’s just one problem with this strategy:

  • The enemy team has Leviathan.
  • Leviathan’s spell explicitly Dispels all targets before dealing damage, making the Submerged gimmick literally impossible to demonstrate.
  • Even at Tier 1. Sometimes a Trial’s gimmick gets weakened by passive traits that activate around Tiers 2-3, but this is a fixed Leviathan spell effect that occurs at all levels.
  • Worse, there are apparently no other Merlantis Troops with spells targeting “all enemies” – aka. there’s literally NO way to demonstrate how Submerged works using only Merlantis troops.

I never want to allege that the designers “didn’t test” new features or game modes (there were 36+ Kingdoms to pick Trials teams for, after all), but … I really do have to ask how something THIS obvious was not noticed right away during development?

There are really only two ways to resolve this problem with Merlantis trials:

  • Remove Leviathan from the cpu’s Trials team + replace with literally any other AOE Troop (that doesn’t dispel targets).
  • Rebalance Leviathan’s spell to “dispel all survivors” (i.e. damage first, dispel second). This way Leviathan CAN be blocked with Barrier and dodged with Submerged, which would actually make this Trial more manageable. Yes, it’s also a small nerf to a troop that I wouldn’t allege is somehow “OP”, but this one enemy troop defeats the whole point of its Kingdom’s Trials.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the detailed report.
I will raise this issue with the development team about the Merlantis Kingdom Trials

In addition, I have deleted replies that are not constructive to the current conversation. In order for me to better help you guys, please keep conversations civil!

Another common complaint about Trials is how pitting a kingdom team vs. same-kingdom team tends to be self-defeating for whatever gimmick that team is trying to demonstrate, as a team that features a specific gimmick is often already resistant/immune to that gimmick themselves.

various Kingdom examples
  • Broken Spire: Burning Gems + Fireproof
  • Bright Forest: Faerie Fire + Fireproof
  • Forest of Thorns: Entangle + immune to Entangle (Wood Ancestry)
  • Glacial Peaks: Frozen + Insulated
  • Merlantis: Submerged + no “all enemy” spellcasters
  • Khetar: Death Mark + immune to Death Mark (Warded/Undying)
  • Zhul’Kari: Web + immune to Web (Dark Ancestry)

Another tweak to the cpu team could be to put Coral Golem first, Lamprey second, because Lamprey is actually the more likely threat to end an attempt (30% Devour vs. 3 of your 4 troops, double Skull damage vs. all your Troops, cannot be shuffled away from 1st position because Stealthy). Sure, that will make Coral Golem’s buffing more annoying (and Hippocampus’s random healing is always an annoyance) but over time Triton’s spellcasting will eventually outpower them.

PS - (Also, I saw the two posts before they were removed and wouldn’t exactly call them “uncivil”. A bit sarcastic, yes, but not crossing the line.)


I understand that we should keep epic trials civil @Bramble, but the merlantis trials prove that the developers put little thought and care into this new game mode.

If you tried the epic trials this week on switch, you would realize the “tips and tricks” are teaching players nothing except frustration for several reasons:

  1. Placing barrier on troops is meaningless if leviathan casts and buffing up your troops cannot keep up with enemy damage output.
  2. If lamprey is alive, any skull will kill your troops in one hit, it can get devours which force you to reset, AND you are forced to kill it with pathetic splash damage.
  3. If you managed to defeat their lamprey, you then target their leviathan, and since coral golem and hippocampus change the board, you are victim to overwhelming troop durability and rng skulls with mana accumulation.

The fight makes it feel you are poking the enemy with a toothpick, while they are bashing you with a sledgehammer in the face…:dizzy_face:


I can understand if the dev team merely did an “on-paper” or “armchair” analysis when designing literally 37 player + cpu teams, but Merlantis here really does imply certain battles were not ACTUALLY live-tested to be sure they didn’t overlook/forget anything important (like Leviathan’s ability to hit through Submerged). Heck, even us casual players offer better on-paper analyses…


There is absolutely no way to passing this epic trails this week. It’s either lamprey kills right away or has the boards on their favor and hits you with skulls then BAM! Troops gone. Look at the seconds on the image already lost a troop already.

Even if and that’s IF you kill lamprey you’re stuck with a very high level Leviathan.Having Lamprey and Leviathan on the same team is a no go, sorry. My suggestion is Leviathan needs to be taken out and Lamprey does not need to be positioned in the first place.


What about using GAP?

F that, don’t give them an out. These trials have been absolute dog shot! If not forTodd or the rework for Adana, I probably would have quit. The worst is yet to come. If we had some choice, it wouldn’t be so bad. Id love to see the dev team try to pass these trials. How TF do they think we’ll learn from this garbage. Im endgame but I get destroyed by them. They are the worst.