[Reported] Dread Arquebus missing

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox Series X, and most likely Pc, Mobile and Playstation too.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Was expecting the weapon, Dread Arquebus to be released into the game in time for it being unlocked with Elite+ Campaign pass. Actually “hoping” more than “expecting” since this problem has happened multiple times before in previous campaigns. Dread Arquebus is not yet in the game despite being unlockable today with Elite+ pass.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since Dread Arquebus was unlockable in the latest campaign.

Steps to make it happen again
In Weapons tab of Troops menu, set to Show All. Dread Arquebus doesn’t appear.


Same is about to happen with Dread Cutlass on Blighted Lands week that supposed to release 1 week before (when we will be in Hellcrag).

Dread Aequebus is the 450 star reward, Elite+ Pass owners have reached 480 stars this week. This is quite annoying, players pay extra for these early unlocks, and still it consistently gets messed up every other campaign with no improvement in sight.