[Reported] Daily login reward of silver marks is wrong

According to official news it has to be 6 Silvermarks for Sapphire League not 5!
The old PvP System gave some Glory every day for logging in based on your Rank. This was implemented at a time when there were far fewer ways to obtain Glory. This has now been changed so that you will receive Silver Marks every day instead, based upon the League you are currently in (from 1 per day in Bronze League, up to 10 per day in Diamond).
You can’t even get this little thing right - please fix it.


Confirmed, only got 5 instead of 6.


I would assume, that it counts the league of the previous day, not the current one. Was the same with daily glory.

[Edit: Thanks for pointing out the image text; did not notice that, I should really pay more attention]

i don’t assume, there stands Sapphire League

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Same thing here.

Same issue here.

Also, there is a typo, as it says ‘Saphire’ in the image @ANGI posted above, when it’s supposed to be Sapphire. So that’s two bugs captured in one screenshot.

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Quality. Indeed.

at least today, i got 6, so now it works.
@Kafka maybe it will work every week like this, so on Monday we can only get the silver marks for the league of last week?
me personally can live with that, so if you can’t fix this, then please only make official statement now, that it works this way.


I got 7 silver marks in my Daily Rewards this morning. Looks like this has been fixed.

I expect the fix would have been easy and server-side, so a fix isn’t surprising: move the code that resolves league promotion and relegation in front of the code that assigns daily rewards.

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