[Reported] Copy/paste team link stops working in Mobile app

Android mobile app

The copy and paste functionality stops working after a while in the mobile app. I can long press a particular team to copy it, but there is no acknowledged pop up of the team being copied so when I try and paste it again, it only pastes any previous team I had copied.

It only appears to stop working after a certain amount of time…

This issue has been happening for many months on the Android app, the only way around it is to close the app and re-open it again for the copy/paste team functionality to start working again.


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Same issue on Samsung S9+, Samsung Note 10+ 5G, and the Samsung S20+ 5G.

There are additional issues with how the codes interact.
Such as if a post is edited on Discord it won’t paste correctly to the game. But if you take that exact same code and cut it from the space and paste it again… It’ll work in game. It’s the weirdest thing.
And I think this has been reported before. But you can’t copy a code from global chat and post it outside of the game.

I believe these have all been issues since the feature was introduced.

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