[Reported] Cannot equip banner found before selecting a team

If I search for a banner by name, and then select a team, tapping the banner does not equip it.

iPhone 12 mini



  1. Open the troops screen
  2. Select the banners tab
  3. Use the filter to search for the word “proud”
  4. Select a team
  5. Tap the Proud Banner

The Proud Banner should be equipped to the team.

The banner highlights when pressed, but nothing else happens.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the recorded video footage.

This is not a bug.

Please note that in order to change the banner of your team, you have to select the team first that you would like to change the banner for.

In your video, at 0:03/ 0:04, there is an onscreen prompt to select a team first in order to edit the team’s banner.

Please let me know if there is any confusion :slight_smile:

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Ten seconds later, you can see the multiple input clicks attempting to select the banner after the team has been chosen.

It is a UI Bug. You can trigger it in multiple other instances. You just have to do these actions:

  1. without a team selected, select the banners tab. OR With the banners tab selected, deselect your team so you have non selected.
  2. set ANY filter that does not include the banner of the team you are going to click
  3. select any team that does not have its own banner in the currently filtered banners
  4. you cannot click or tap the leftmost banner to select it. This is presumably because if there was not a filter, this is where that banner would be placed when this UI is activated in the order select team > then go to banners tab.

Its an indexing issue. If you select team then click banner tab, and your banner filter does not include the currently selected banner, you can select the leftmost banner just fine.

Once again, if you have not set a filter for your or your filter including the team’s current banner, the team’s banner will be in this slot and you can click any other slot to change your banner.

In fact, there is an even easier way to trigger this:

  1. select any team
  2. go to banners tab
  3. set any banner filter that does not include the team’s banner
  4. making sure you are scrolled all the way, click the leftmost banner slot to select that as the new banner. it will not activate, and your banner will not change. Select ANY team with the banner not in the filtered banners. The first indexed slot banner slot will not activate. Select any team that has the banner in its filters. The team’s current banner will be placed in the leftmost slot because thats where this order of operations would normally place it. Clicking it still does nothing, but thats actually intended in the case that it is the same banner.

Again, indexing issue. Selecting team then banners doesn’t have the issue. They do have a different issue where the selection window starts scrolled to a place that may or may not have your banner even if it is in your filter set, presumably setting the scroll offset of the window based on the unfiltered position of your selected banner. But it also does not necessarily place the selected banner in the leftmost selection slot if the filter set includes it and you can always select a different banner in this slot whether or not you have filters set.


How is this not a bug? You should be a me to search a banner first, then select the team and click on the banner to equip it.

Imagine you meant to change the banner of a team and accidentally unselected it, then look up the banner, then select thr team again but now you can’t change the banner to the found one.

It doesn’t make sense. It should work if you select the team second.


Hello, :slight_smile:

I have gone ahead and reported this issue to the development team.

As for the order of selecting banners and teams, I’ll submit a quality-of-life request for the dev team to take into consideration.