[REPORTED] After 5.6 AI deals 2x skull damage when animation faster than 1.5

I experienced it in explore , i heard it happened in Arena as well.

Ios 14

Much discussed in the 5.6 Patch Notes thread.

Found a temporary work around: set animation to 1.5

I’ve seen that in PvP and Arena. Also it seems like this issue affects not skulls only. Just after my cast with The Gray King targeting purple, an enemy Zuul has been charged from 0 to full mana with just match of 4 and then 3 gems. No blasts or something else. That’s exactly impossible even with +2 banner and mana surges.

I use x3 speed and it works. x4 breaks it.

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I tried 3x speed and the bug was there.


Darn. Guess its broken at different speeds for everyone. :thinking:

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@Snooj I went to do a delve on x3 and it was gone just as you said, thanks! It’s a decent speed. But as I’m a bit dumb sometimes, I turned it back to x4 on next delve, thinking maybe it’s gone for good, but nope, it’s still there :roll_eyes: :joy:

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Uninstalling and re downloading the game then using the link account option can fix the issue for some as well made a post on the 5.6 post about this as well

Hey all!

We have been made aware of this issue & are currently working on a solution!
It’s also been added to our Known Articles, so if any updates or fixes come through, you can check back in this article

Just made a thread in Official News with some more information from the Team.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage: