[Reported] 6.2, already bugged

30 seconds into using 6.2 I find a bug.

I don’t have any upgrades available in the soul forge.

Stellar work as always QA. :clap:


Do they even have a QA dept.? …or do they just routinely ignore everything they say?

Anyone else getting errors with the new update?


Here as well

At least you two can access the game! Mine demands a 6.1 revision (as does several guild members’).

Here as well, I’m at level 19 with 34/60 cursed runes. Though I do have the 1000 gems required, maybe it considers gems in the notification now :thinking:

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That would be unfortunate since I’m trying to see how long it takes from natural play.
Instead of using the fast pass version of GoW and getting it done in a week. (Well a month due to them nerfing players ability to attain runes.)

Looks like I have an upgrade available

Nope can’t upgrade it. Just got the message for no reason.


So the notification is just completely wrong :joy:

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Same for me.

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I can help shed a little light on this which explains most of these reports, and yes it was reported in beta testing.

If you have enough gems available to upgrade the soulforge level with gems instead of cursed runes then it shows upgrade available :confused:


@Maxx disproved that theory. Please scroll up to their post.


That’s why I said most :wink:


The new bounty troop doesn’t even give positive status effects!

As far as the exclamation points showing up when you have gems available to upgrade the soulforge, they probably just want you to spend your gems and buy more.

The potions you bought for the event do. The text on the right side just explains the mechanics of the two currently active effects, Enchanted and Blessed.


Ahhhhh, thanks! Makes sense now