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Remove team from troops menu

Can we get a possibility to remove the teams from the troop menu? As it is right now, I can only remove troops in the team, but not the team itself. Or at least drag and drop it under full troop teams.

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We used to be able to clear teams with one click. I would like to be able to change the order I have the teams listed, just like you can actual troop members inside a team. As I think about it, it would be nice to be able to filter them to put in order of the points at the top. What ever that is called. I have never been able to figure out how that is figured. I have had 5,000 teams beat my 9,000 team enough times.

I know tacet has talked about the troop filter needing a reverse level also, so that you can put those at the top to level them up. Going from high to low always pops you up to the level you put up to and you start scrolling down again to find the ones you want to level up when you have the souls to do it.


I would certainly like to be able to re-order teams.

At the moment I have two Blue, two Red and three Green Special teams for use in GW depending on the opposition, but, because I didn’t want to over-write existing teams, they’re scattered through my list.

Now, yes, I could note down the members of each team, then remove all the members from one, change the name and replace them all with the members of another, then do the same again… but that would be a tedious PITA, especially if I wanted to change the order again subsequently.

Being able to put them in the order I like would be very helpful.