Remove majors out of glory keys?

I believe there is not a single player in GoW who ever said: im missing *insert color here * major to trait my troop.

We are getting so many majors we are drowning in them. Unless you guys (devs) plan to at some point implement something that will allow us conversion of traitstones into traitstones of other rarities, can you just exclude majors out of glory keys? @Sirrian @Nimhain

What others think about this? Not getting majors in glory keys wouldnt be a hit on their income, but at least their ridiculous numbers would go down a bit.


Personally, I would love this, but I don’t know what effect the rebalancing they did with the guild task nerf and introduction of explore would have on newer players that didn’t have months of collecting ridiculous numbers of glory keys through guild tasks. I didn’t get to take advantage of the old system for as long as some, but I’ve still got over 1000 of all colours of majors and no way to use them. If a player that started on 2.1.5 or 2.2 still ends up with more majors than they know what to do with, then I agree wholeheartedly.

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I don’t think this would ever happen. Part of my opinion rests on the fact that younger/newer players use the glory keys to get their traitstones and troops as well as those of us who have been around awhile. I think it would suck to acquiesce to one set of players’ views while completely ignoring the needs of another.

…I remember the beginning…even minors were hard to get…of course, there was no such thing as explore then!


I did consider both start and end game. I know that in early game even minors are few. But majors arent.

Removing majors from glory keys would mean glory keys always offer someting more valuble! You either get a troop, gold, souls, gems, morw glory, or runic or better traitstones.

Considering the number of glory keys opened, they maybe give about 20% of total majors a player gets, so this still wouldnt solve the problem of having them too much.

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Im a player that doesnt do explores, and my majors are aroud 1500 on avarage (some over some bellow that number).

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As opposed to the constant and endless requests for a transformation mechanic. I propose a modified version that does not directly benefit the player, and its simple.


Instead of just Gold you could donate any extra resources you’ve gathered to your Guild, they would be converted at the developers discression to an appropriate amount of Gold to complete Tasks. A player could donate Maps, Souls, Major Stones, extra troops, etc.

Edit: PS I don’t think excluding things from Keys because of end game problems is ideal.


Dont get me started on maps :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m level 980 and still bottle-necked on minors (except for minor yellow), but the thing that is really getting me right now is runics. I’ve got more than enough Arcanes to trait-up some troops, but have to grind explores to get the runics I need. The guild task rebalance has helped my minors problem by giving me a few hundred gold keys every week, but now the problem has shifted to something else. It’s like traitstone Whack-a-mole.


We may be completing a bit more legendary tasks then you so im swimming in those too, but i know there are players like you still needing them.
My lowest number of minors is for red minors of which i have 550.

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I still need about 1600 red minors according to Ashtender. Probably take me a couple weeks to grind those out exploring Pridelands. :smirk:

Majors in glory keys are only part of the reason you are drowning in them. According to drop stats obtained by the community and compiled by @Rasper, any given battle will give you about 2 minors to 1 major. With chest stats tracked by @Shimrra, gold keys drop about 3 minors to 1 major. But the amount of minors one needs? About 4 for every major. And that includes guardians and mythics, who have an extremely high ratio of majors needed compared to every single other troop in the game. Gold key gluts allowed minors to “catch up” to where nobody at endgame needs minors, either, but I think I have about a a few years worth of Major stones given the current troop release speed to trait every troop in the game including mythics without needing a single one.

Looking at it from a different angle, you need about 70% as many runics as you do Majors, total. But every source that drops both majors and runics drops many more majors than runics. I don’t have enough data for an exact ratio here from keys, but from the drop data compiled by Rasper, about three times as much from normal battles. Using Explore makes the drop rate much closer to this target 70% from battles but when you add keys into the mix, both glory and gold keys being of a much higher volume than gem keys, once again, you’ll always have more majors than you need over any other possible type from any possible direction no matter what. Again, this is including mythics, which require four majors to every Runic, a much higher ratio than the, for example, 26 majors to 20 runics required by legendaries. Take a bunch of mythics out of the equation for players starting within the last six months or so (or those that just got unlucky) and the ratios are even worse.

Basically, to start off with, majors are dropped at too high a ratio compared to both minors and runics from every source that can drop both. This needs to fixed first and foremost before applying any more bandaids.


I knew if anyone had done the math on this, it would be you. Thanks!

I know that it would be just a minor reducation of the overflow, but it would feel great. Right now, pulling a major from a glory key is so disappointing.
Removing them woulf give slightly bigger chance for everything else, including runics and arcanes from glory keys. Now that increase would be almost unnoticeable but it would be at least something.


You probably meant “months”, not “weeks” (unless you’re running a bot :smiley: )

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Agreed on that. Or from a battle. Or from a gold key, really. Glory keys in general are fodder for everything by the time you reach this point, though. But the way we got to this point is because major stones so absurdly common based on their usage that they are tantamount to a null drop long long before you have enough of every other type. I have, I believe I calculated, enough major stones to trait every possible release for a couple years assuming suddenly major stones were removed from every drop source, and I just barely got “above the line” on being able to trait every troop in the game with respect to minors. And that is without being a super high earner in the old glory-key heavy economy.

Fixing the drop ratios so that the stones rarity correctly reflects how many of them are needed with respect to traiting everything would be the first step in fixing that for everyone. Ideally, you’d have enough minors for everything first, then majors, then runics, then arcanes, with runics and arcanes being interchangable since glory pack purchasing is a valid avenue to obtain them and color specific bottlenecks on runic are in there by design.

What I’m saying is that completely removing minors from glory keys is not even enough to come close to balancing Major drops versus every other type. The way it is now, you could open zero glory keys ever and still have the majors you need for everything months before you have enough minors. Their drop rates, from all sources, compared to other supposed rarities, from all overlapping sources, need to be considered before we just toss a bandaid on the problem.

I’d propose:
reduce the drop rate of majors from gold keys to 1 per 4 minors, increasing minors to compensate
reduce the drop rate of majors from battles to 1 per 3 minors, increasing all other types by equal amounts so they retain the same drop ratios
further reduce the drop rate of majors from explore battles for every difficulty level added, ending at 0% for Warlord IV
reduce (or remove) majors from glory keys, increasing everything else to compensate

Even with all that and counting only new players, majors will still be the most common stone overall with respect to total needed, but they might run into an instance where they at least feel valuable toward the start of the game if they happen to buy a bunch of first traits on a lot of low rarity troops.

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Personally I would love to see a better ratio of the upper two drop rates. It’s almost like you’re starved to get some cards that should be no brainer increases (such as 1st trait +2 to all blue allies or what not)

I noticed the same trait does not require the same traitstone numbers depending on the card originating level and that seems ridiculous.