Remove Interruption between each fight in explore

It is annoying that they interrupt you between each fight, who is with me so that they remove these ads to buy objects or benefits for the fights. I ask for help to make this top and remove these ugly annoying interruptions that only decrease the fun of the game. Lots of text too.

Es molesto que te interrumpan entre cada pelea, quien está conmigo para que quiten estos anuncios de comprar objetos o beneficios para las peleas. Pido ayuda para que esto sea top y quiten estas feas interrupciones molestas que solo disminuyen la diversión del juego. Mucho texto además. Es un fastidio.


I’d pay to have the demon and the genie never appear again. The others are alright.


I agree with this. I’m just never going to care about gambling with whatever nonsense that is. It’s such little potential benefit anyway, at least the vast majority of the time. Love the merchant and angel, though.


Agreed i say no every time.
Its useless time wasted.

No one that plays explore, needs stat boosts.

How can the devs not know anything about playing there game.

Useless time wasted writing code, acquisition.

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Daemon and Genie could be helpful on daily attemps for delve. Maybe someone is trying to get PF 500 done. Catch the right bonus …

In the meantime on explore I personally skip them, as soon I can recognize the background :relieved:


They know and dont care. Of course they want to slow you down. The fact that they can get someone to even think its them not knowing is the genius of it kind of like dragon eggs. People fall for it


Im sorry im not giving them the kudos of having any brains.

Lieing over january vault event, then leaving the vault offers in.
When the time comes around proves my theory.

Dumb as pig doodoo.

Add the option to fast skip, but Angel and Merchant are nice!

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