Remove and replace 1 Event Key with 1 Vault Key!

I have always been very annoyed with 60 won Revenge Battles, only to receive one pitiful Event Key.
It feels like a mockery. Now it’s time to end this mockery!

I no longer care about Revenge Battles and I have no desire to focus on them. Unless…
Incentivize the players and give them something better for their work!

A single shiny Vault Key for 60 won Revenge Battles. Everything else should remain unchanged.

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By using a phrase so closely tied to one political party, you’re potentially turning off half the people who might otherwise agree with you…

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It’s purely coincidental and it has nothing to do with so-called politics or any related affiliation.

Are you really proposing an(other) event key nerf?

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No, seriously, I almost said something last time. There’s no such thing as a MAGA “joke”. It’s an ideology used to justify declaring a large portion of Americans “undesirable” so they can be subjected to warrantless arrests, detainment, neglect, and ultimately death. Then their property is seized and used to enrich others.

Any bit of humor you think it might bring about is completely overshadowed by the stress and anxiety it causes. It’s the Dark Mark but real. Just remove it from your vocabulary, it’s one more thing on the long list of “innocent things ruined by assholes.”

Like, seriously. Imagine running around the MCU screaming “Hail Hydra” and explaining to Captain America that “it’s just a joke”.


I feel like I need to apologize in advance, but someone please explain what is happening in this thread as I don’t understand what has been said wrongly. I live in South America and I seem to not be aware of something you all are. Thanks!

The thread title has been changed (and so, I have conferred my “like” to this interesting idea), so it might not be clear anymore.

Basically, it came down to: “Can I use words loaded with context without invoking that context if I don’t intend for that to be the context of my words, or not.”

A silly example to illustrate: “They’re always after me hard-earned gems!”

I didn’t say anything about a cereal-loving leprechaun, but if you’ve ever heard of Lucky Charms my very-specific phrasing makes it hard for you not to recall the character and associated advertisements, despite myself and my purpose if, truly, I had not been meaning to appropriate the advertising power of General Mills for my own purposes :laughing:

I think reader-response almost always trumps authorial intent, especially in a persuasive argument, but not everyone agrees with me, and that’s fine I suppose :man_shrugging:

Regardless—and to remain on topic—I think it takes a very long time to get 60 revenge battle wins, and a Vault Key would be a more commensurate reward, so :+1: from me even though I doubt a system that rewards us more would be implemented.