Remembering Gary Gygax

Thank you Gary Gygax for what you did for us all :slight_smile:

Mr Gygax passed away March 4, 2008


He will be missed. I started my gamin experience with D&D (old school) and have loved those types ever since.

May he rest in peace.

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He have been missed for 9 years already.

I have not missed him for 9 years. I just found he was dead. I don’t follow Gen Con or D&D, so this was news to me.

Ah, now I get you.

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Owned by Hasbro oddly enough.

Yes, thanks… though an odd time to make such a thread, really, he passed a while ago…

Can we do Napoleon next?

It’s the anniversary of his death and directly related to the game we’re playing.

But I guess saying something obnoxious was more important to you.

If you don’t like a thread just don’t go in it. Simple.

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I hadn’t noticed that, sorry.

No offence meant. I intended to be facetious, yes, but not obnoxious.

I am also a D&D and roleplay fan, and well aware of the gentleman’s great legacy.

I’d still buy a modernized TURN BASED D&D game like the old ssi gold box ones.
I tried playing pool of radiance a few years back and it just didn’t hold up like I remembered. They tried to remake it as action, but I never liked it.

You’re in luck then.

There’s a bunch either already available or coming out soon. I can’t even name them all. I guess Pillars of Eternity (made by Obsidian no less) and Divinity: Original Sin stand out.

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