Remboursement des gemmes si les serveurs bug

avec le probleme du bug general qu’il y a sur le serveur seriez vous pour un remboursement des gemmes investies sur l’event de faction de ce week end ?

Je ne travaille pas pour InfinityPlus2, mais dans le passé, mon expérience personnelle est qu’il n’y a pas de remboursement de gemme lorsque le problème n’est pas lié à leurs propres serveurs, comme dans ce cas. De plus, le français n’est pas ma langue maternelle. J’utilise Google Traduction. Désolé pour toute mauvaise traduction.

je me doute bien qu’il y a peu de chance d’avoir un remboursement des gemmes mise en jeu mais a chaque fois qu’il font une mise a jour ils l’a font en semaine de GW et a chaque fois il y a des soucis

You should ask amazon for refunding the gems, as the problems originate from there.

The Gow servers are up and running, but the external servers that we all use to connect are busted. And those servers sit in amazon’s care. So devs can’t do a dime about it, and have no fault in this outage.

How do you know they have some connect to Amazon?

I sure didn’t know that, and can’t tell what servers are being used and where they happen to be at.

Even though I don’t know what language the folks above you are speaking, I do agree that this messes me up bad. I have a bunch of keys to use and my guild just manages to get to chest level 6 and now because the servers are down I can’t use them. They should at least make our chest level 6 when they get this all fixed so we don’t get nurfed on that.

Save your key, next week is new mythic week

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No… Normally producer refund client, and than ask to Amazon.
I have open a topic where people said to me the “Aws” problem…

First time I hear that gow run on Amazon servers…

Anyway, if I can’t connect to gow servers I ask to gow’s devs…

I have open a ticket, like other people… I wait 4 an answer :wink:

I agree with u…
I spent 2000 gems ti play delve (new event) and now I can’t play…
Aws fault, Amazon fault, gow fault…
I have open a ticket