Relaxed Guild Looking for More. No Weekly Requirements!

My guild, named “Death Has A Name”, is currently looking for more chill people to help us with weekly tasks and seals. But the beauty of it? We don’t mind how little you help out. If I got your attention, read on. [Warning: Lengthy read.]

While it might not look like it at first glance, Death Has a Name isn’t a new guild. We have actually been around for over a year now. However it has always been just a home for me and my real-life friends, but we feel it is time to expand. Unlike most guilds though, we aren’t looking to become a new top guild. We simply just think it would be great if we had more awesome people helping out the guild when they can.

All of us in the guild are pretty big gamers, so we mainly just play Gems of War when we are bored with our other games, and just want to kill a hour or two, or have an itch to play a great puzzle game. Don’t get us wrong, we love Gems of War! But we also love our other games too. With so many other great games out there, not to mention work/school and whatever else life throws your way at times, we realize not everyone wants to play Gems of War every day. Or even every week. If you know how we feel, then Death Has A Name just might be the guild for you.

We don’t mind if you go a week or two without playing. We’re guilty of it too. We don’t even mind if you go a month or two without playing! We know how it is. Just play when you want to (sounds good, huh?) without having to worry about getting kicked from the guild. No weekly trophy, gold or seals requirement to stress over here. Basically, this is a guild for players who want to get at least some rewards for being in a guild, but don’t want to deal with the pressure of feeling like they need to play so much every week. That makes it perfect for new players, but of course veterans -and everyone in between- are welcome as well. The guild is open to all who just want to relax and play whenever, and however long, you want to. You can always leave if you get tired of us and want to move on to bigger and better things (guilds). You’ll get no hate from us. We understand.

If this sounds perfect for you, then you can message me either here or on PS4 (name is the same). Send me your invite code and I will invite you as soon as I can.

Current Guild Stats:

  • Guild Level - 21
  • Members - 7
  • Standing - 4,413
  • League - Gold I (1,064 trophies)
  • Statue Levels - Blue at level 10. Red, Green, Yellow and Purple at 9. Brown at 8.