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Reinstalled windows now i have a new char instead of my main one

so simple put i had to do a fresh install of windows 10 that includes games and all now when i run gems of war im put on a level one account instead of my level 270 some account, i have sent a ticket into support but i know i might have overlooked a simple answer is there a way to load my other account onto steam without supports help?

@TheOneVid, If you don’t know your password I’m afraid that support will be your only option to recover your account.

i had registered the account to this pc so i have that password if thats what you mean but when i try to load the account on here it doesnt seem to work unless im doing it wrong

I wish that I knew how to help. :frowning:

its no prob its the thought that counts just thought maybe i was missing something obivious

put in a request at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us area and the devs will email you the password you need.

This is a common (and somewhat annoying) issue.
I think it has to do playing the same account between your phone and PC. Normally it won’t interfere with regular gameplay, but the server will snarl when you try to log in on a new device or reinstalled game. Not really sure why…

The only situation here is to contact support.