Regarding traits and Summoner's Ghouls


So I just realized that I have enough trait stones to add a few traits to my common ghouls. I don’t use them in many team comps, but where I do use them is my main team comp that includes a summoner. In fact, I use them quite frequently. If I were to add a trait to a common ghoul, would my summoner then summon ghouls with that trait?


As far as we know, it does not. On the other hand, I have the resources. Back in a few minutes.

Finished. And… Still summons a crappy Ghoul with no kingdom stat bonuses and no traits. (Mine’s on top, summon is on the bottom…)

Of course, balance-wise, if it summoned more Ghouls with Stone Link then things would be scary.


Wow, thanks so much! Glad I didn’t waste trait stones!


That’s weird, I’m sure I fought a Zaejin team where the summoned goblin had the life bonus. I must be misremembering.


They get the troop type/kingdom bonuses (which would be Zaejin all over). They don’t get the bonuses from your lvl10 kingdoms.

Not my fault they went with two sources of bonuses that are so similarly named.