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Refund not working

On the ps4 version, we were supposed to get the option to refund troops that had been severely altered. One of those troops on the list was lady sapphora. However, I’m not sure if it’s a big or if I’m not seeing something but I do not see an option ANYWHERE on how to refund her. I went to her on the troop selection screen, and nothing. Clicked on her as if you were going to level her up / trait her, nothing. Went into the ability screen for her where you can disenchant, level up, etc…nothing.

Is there something I’m not seeing? Is she no longer up for refund? Am I not seeing something?

On console the refund a troop option was only available for a day, maybe two before it was removed. I hope the timeframe was a bug, I guess we will know in a few months when the next update and refund selection arrives.

Speculating here.

I think the refund was ended early because most of those troops didn’t change at all. Celestasia was the only one I noticed with a change. The rest either changed in 1.085 or haven’t been changed yet. Now not saying a few others aren’t different but those weren’t even on the list.

Either that or weeks was a typo and should have been days.

Or something else completely different that one of the devs will mention.

Well that really sucks then. I was told weeks :frowning:


What’s the official word on the Refund concerns that have been brought up;

  1. Was Refund supposed to last 36 hours? If not, why?
  2. Are the Refunds returning before the next update?
  3. Are Troops who have been “nerfed” actually going to available?

The official word is “we’re spending today looking into it and hope to have more info for you soon.”

As many of you’ve guessed, the refund period should not have expired so quickly. Once we figure out why this happened and how to fix it, we’ll make things right for those who were affected by this bug.

Thank you! Look forward to your findings!

Is it going to be the same troops in the list because almost all of them didn’t change from the last update to this one.

Yes, that’s the final list of refundable troops.

The refund period ended earlier than it was supposed to. We have extended it to the 19th of this month.

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Do we need to restart the game to see it?

Edit: yup. Restarted and it’s live on ps4 too.

Working on x1 thanks alot

Lol, sheggra added to that list yet??

No new Troops, that list is final