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Reduced attack of the character

After changing the weapon (from Icy Glaive to Frozen Soul ), my character’s attack was reduced from 14 to 12. When I returned to the old weapon, the attack remained at level 12. What could be the reason? Maybe I accidentally did something else that caused the change?

Did you change your class or anything else on the team? +2 attack sounds like a minor team bonus

When you say your Attack was reduced, did you mean during combat or in the Troops/Team menu? If in combat, it could have been a function of a Blessed trait on your team granting Attack, or a Cursed trait on the opponent reducing it.

The attack has decreased overall, in each fight I’m starting from 12, not from 14 as always before. I remember that I was changing my weapon and banner, but I’ve returned to my old settings. I’ve done it Troops menu (I have only 1 team). I didn’t change class (I’m sorcerer).