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Reduce Path to Explore

Challenges were bad enough taking you back to the map but explore adds even more on top. I ask @Sirrian et al to remove the grind of accessing explore battles that make the real grind more arduous.


I find it much easier to re-access in comparison to Challenges, even it it is a 1-click difference.

How exactly would you change it to make it less arduous? The most I can think up is returning you to the screen where it shows the Traistone’s drop chances, which would honestly be quite nice, but not a big deal.

Stop kicking to map once you are in. I am fine with the path for the first but farming would be so much easier if it was more repeatable

Why not make an area like pvp that takes you to an area where you can choose between certain things when you click on a kingdom. Then when you complete a task or explore or a mini game or quest it keeps you in this area.

Yep, fully agree… it’s already a grind… why kick to map?

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Now it’s Path of Exile instead of Path of Explore :stuck_out_tongue: