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Reduce gold cost (treasure hoard) when ascending treasure troop

Right now if you ascend them you get no advantage to do it but if we could reduce the gold cost to lev up the hoard depending of the card rarity. It might be interesting and would give us a reason to do it

During the beta, I asked for XP awarded to increase when a treasure is ascended. The devs did not want to do it then, and probably won’t do anything now: it would be somewhat unfair for the devs to add a system that rewards players who didn’t spend treasures.

But I agree that the value of Coin Purses and Gold Rings drops off quite rapidly at even modest Hoard levels.

Im not talking about the xp but only the gold cost, the cost is ridiculous at level 100 i think it cost 800k per level

It works out to the same thing: the amount of XP you get per gold spent goes up.

WHat happens with ascended treasure when I spent them? Do they go back to their base rarity if I acquire a new one?

According to the devs, treasures keep their rarity, level, and traits even if you spend your last one. Can confirm this for levels and traits.