Red Dead Redemption 2 Digital Install on PS4 149GB!

Hope you got plenty of hard drive space !

Preordered and already installed


I’m all ready for it, roll on the 26th :+1:

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Yup good thing it’s on gw week only need to do 5 battle then im done :slight_smile:

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I thought it was the 16th. Dammit! :joy::rofl:

I hope they have some of the oh my gosh super duper editions left when I get paid tomorrow…

I can see my gems time reducing quite a bit, maybe it’s time to go casual or quit? @Kay93x

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So that’s uh… 15% of your memory right there correct? Assuming it’s 1 TB… if 500 GB then just shy of 35%… definitely not small.

And probably an update at the release like every other games

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:thinking:dun leave meeeeee :grin:

Gems is lucky it doesn’t use much space :smiling_imp:lol

There are other games? :confused:


Agh :frowning: Most of that will likely be online downalods… We only have 200 GB of data at home. :anguished:

I’d say in your case by a physical copy then

Physical copy is still over 100 GB you need 2 disk

Correct. I think @Cyrup was saying she has a 200gb download limit

This bit D:

Moved into an apartment in March and no internet, all the ports in the block are taken. So we use mobile data and the best we can get is 200 GB a month. Of course, the BF goes and orders RDR. RIP.

I couldn’t imagine having capped usage, that’s so old school :joy: I’ve bought physical, rarely do I buy digital as it has no resale value.


Looking forward to this game, however I try to have low expectations. It will be close to impossible to beat the first one that was a true masterpiece. Hopefully not too many Deja vu`s…

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With Netflix, YouTube, downloads and updates we have a traffic of 500-700GB on the X1X only. :thinking: