Recuiting for Peaky Blinders

So I am aware there are about a million recruitment threads, but as the title implies, here is yet another one. I have started a new guild with a close friend of mine after everything went to hell during the first few days of the new Guild Wars feature with the guild we used to be a part of (I won’t drop names but they were a top 30 guild). Due to their inability to log in regularly, contribute regularly etc. we grew frustrated and decided to start our own. We think we can start fresh and be right back in the top 100 in a matter of days with the right recruits and we are planning on going super hard at our rank (we want to pass the guild we just left fairly quickly lol)

If anyone on here is frustrated with activity in their current guild or wants a new challenge in bringing one up, I urge you to sign up for the Peaky Blinders! Guild requirements include minimums of:

Level 100
200,000 gold contribution weekly
250 trophies weekly
Completing all of your guild wars battles weekly

You can rank up by contributing more to the guild than the minimums required. I will be personally making a strong effort to contribute a million gold per week as will the guild master. We have grown tired of joining high ranking guilds, only for the to get lazy 4 weeks later and the guild master failing to kick inactives and replace them with active players. So if you are a serious player that wants to help us rank up, shoot me your invite code. We would seriously love all the help we can find as we get this thing off the ground and raise the Peaky Blinders to one of the elite level guilds. Shoot me a message if interested!