Recruitment time again - Celestial Peak guild rank 56 (PC/Mobile)

Sup. Need a better bunch of gem buddies?

We’ve got another spot open (someone retired!) Rank 56 guild - 20 of us lv1000+, not even including me, and i’m awesome.

We get 40,000 seals and complete all tasks each week, we complete all of the events, get loads of orbs.

If you love the game, sign up. No gold requirements, just what your honour demands (only after you’ve completed your kingdoms). No pressure. ‘Suggested’ weekly targets are 500 seals and 100 trophies, which is easy.

We do ask you try on all of the events, get as high as you can. Its better for you and for us all.

We got Discord channel only if you want to join.

Let me know your rank and invite code.

We’ve now got a lv500 minimum for new members, and 2 spots.


lvl 1000+