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[RECRUITMENT] #10 XBox One Guild Recruiting 2 experienced players

If interested, please contact CanyonSurfer via XBox Live Message

Baklaapen, the #10 ranked guild in trophies and bracket 2 GW competitor this week, is seeking two active players who meets the following requirements:

Level 700+
All Kingdoms at level 10. (No star requirements)
Willing to play Guild Wars daily to ensure our best chance at extra seals
Willing to earn all 1500 seals every week
Willing to engage in Guild Chat (yes, we understand there are issues with the chat system right now)
Able to contribute a minimum of 400,000 gold per week to the guild.

All daily tasks are usually completed by Tuesday morning, and a lot of legendary tasks get completed each week. We bounce between bracket 1 and 2 in Guild Wars. If you’ve reached the point where you are ready to compete, the rewards are worth it!

We’d prefer someone who actively plays PvP each week, so that our trophy levels can remain competitive. Assistance is offered in constructing teams for GW attack and defense, and there aren’t minimum scoring requirements. Just do your best, reach out for help, and improve each week.

On a personal note, while it is certianly not even remotely a requirement, I WOULD prefer players in the United States. Our players are from all over the world, and there are few people to communicate with in Guild Chat during US prime time hours. Mostly just me.

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I would like to join please and can meet the requirements. I will send you a message on xbox live shortly as well. My invite code is Darren_17. I am in the UK but usually on late in the evening so will have some cross over with US.

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We have two slots for the upcoming week. We will be playing in bracket 1 for guild wars.