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Hi all.
We’re a new, friendly, mature guild, called Quickiez. Although guild was founded just 15 days ago, it’s evolving really fast. Right now, we’re level 32, and around spot 1.900 on rankings, with 35.000 seals gathered.

We’re looking for english speaking, active players. Sense of humor is a must.


  • Seals: 1.000
  • Trophies: 50
  • Gold: Your level * 300
    Requirements will be checked 36 hours before weekly reset.
    We’re all adults, so we can understand if requirements can’t be met due to real life, we would just like that you let us know that you can’t make it.

For joining, send me a PM, or just reply to thread. Looking forward to meet you!

Hello Team
Want to join your Guild my Invite code is WOLFENGRIMM

We still have room for new members :slight_smile:

Still looking for members. By now, we completed 33 tasks and gathered around 8.000 seals, so you don’t have to worry about guild progress.
Beware, there might be some weird topics in guild chat (like moobies), so if you can’t handle that, we’re probably not the best choice for you :wink:

i can only confirm that all Porky_Pieman wrote
here is exactly the true! :grin:

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As of now, we have 2 spots open for chatty old immature new guildmates. We also use discord, if that matters to anyone :slight_smile:

Hello there !
Want to join your Guild my Invite code is kerk216.
I’m currently level 432 and I’m sure I can meet the requirements.

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