Recruiting members

Starting a new guild, Shadowed Warriors, and would like some good contributors to help it grow and get tasks done. Easy going guild. I just ask you do what you can. Gamer tag is MalteseShadow

Hi MalteseShadow

interested in joining your guild if you have space,
newer player but active -1.5k seals a week and 200ish trophies, still levelling kingdoms but happy to contribute to tasks :slight_smile:
Invite code is BOOZ_E1QM


Awesome. I’ll send you an invite right now then. Act fast, spots filling quick…lol. Welcome to the Shadowed warriors!

I’m trying to send you an invite and when I type that code it, it says the player does not exist. Maybe you can double check that and get back to me?

Mate hit me up to join his guild, will see how it works out and if people are active. Sorry

It’s alright