⭐ RECRUITING / Hoguns Paladins: only 1 req: 650,000 gold weekly


Hello my friends,

We are creating a new guild in the next couple days that will be perfect for end gamers or just anyone that has a lot of gold. The goal of this new guild is for anyone that doesn’t want to be required to do Weekly events, seals or a set amount of trophies.

The only requirement is 650,000 gold each week.
(this means each week all task will be completed and some legendaries as well)

The guild will be a second guild to Hoguns so our discord channel will be lively with over 60 members. We have a very friendly, helpful and fun guild so this is another great perk. This also means if you are in this new guild and after a while you want to jump in to our Rank #14 guild you would have first dibs at any open spot.

Please, please, please IM me or join our discord server if you are interested in being in this guild. I know, for me, this will be a nice break from the grind I hope I will have others join me.

Hoguns Paladins Discord server here: https://discord.gg/w64nGDa


Taran is one of the best guildmasters out there. Join for a fun and relaxing gaming experience with a bonus of joining a great guild community!


Hey there. I’ve been playing the game for a while but am pretty new to the forums and the lingo. Does the requirement mean that every player is expected to earn and contribute 650,000 gold to the tasks each week? or is that somehow a total? I feel like it’s probably the first one but just clarifying, thanks.


650k per week. This is a perfect guild for those that don’t have any trouble making gold (high level/vip) but are tired of grinding trophies or weekly events.

Hope that helps and thanks for the question. :slight_smile:


Here is a random gif of a bunny joining two other bunnies in a nose-bump, just like you should be joining this guild. (Guild might or might not offer nose-bumps.):blush:


This is an awesome guild that allows you to play the way you want to play. With no seal or trophy requirement you don’t have to grind out pvp everyday to get a lot of trophies you can even spend all your time in explore if you wanted to. Without having to worry about trophies I have a lot of fun this week just doing explore and casual pvp. My favourite thing about this guild is that all guild events are optional so you only have to do guild wars, raids and invasions if you want to.


I’m excited to say, in just over a week this guild has already gotten 13 new members. I’m really hoping we can continue this quick fill and be full in a week (or two). Please private IM me or join our discord soon. Thanks so much.