📢*recruiting*CURSED EFFIGY☣*Looking for active gamers Lvl300>

:hamsa::hamsa: :hamsa: :hamsa:CURSED EFFIGY :hamsa: :hamsa: :hamsa: :hamsa:

This is a new guild with a good core of veterans with a good understanding and knowledge of the game and were looking to add more active members. .
Were committed to having a pool of newer players that are enthusiastic and a core of experienced veterans that want to pass on our/there love for the game and its mechanics .
The guild is open to all recruits over lvl300+ (but if you show your enthusiastic enough by sending me a invite code DM I will break these conditions ).

Weekly Requirments

100,000 gold contributions
300 Trophies contributions
2000 Seal contributions
Tier 3 on guild event
These are rough guides not to taken as absolutes.

Friendly Helpful Guild Chat.!!!
Non stop “Pets” on Gnome a Palooza Events!!!
Weekly Event breakdown.!!!
Tower of doom always mapped 25+

:hamsa:Thanks for reading STUB47 :hamsa:leader of Cursed Effigy :hamsa:
Please message below or just direct message me a invite code. “2 spaces atm”

If you’re still looking for members, I’m very interested: VXGHOST_30XJ

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:slight_smile: Welcome

I’m very active